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Why join GVST?

Here are what some swim team families have to say about GVST:

“Our family has been involved in GVST for nearly 15 years and both of our children have enjoyed it immensely. Not only has it helped them become better swimmers and more confident in the water, but they have also learned the value of teamwork and have made many lifelong friends. Thanks, GVST!”

- The Boracks

“Both of my boys love GVST because it teaches individuals skills as well as team building. They really like how the coaching staff teaches how to do the proper swim strokes & how they help them to get each technique correct. They also enjoy that it is recreational so it's competitive but not in a crazy way. We as a family love GVST because it encourages self-competition by wanting to improve each time you go into the water.”

- The Robbins

“Our daughter is a naturally cautious girl who is usually afraid to try new things. We did research and found Green Valley's team, receiving high recommendations from multiple people.The first couple of weeks were rough for her (many tears), but the coaches were so patient and kind. With each passing week, she improved her swimming abilities AND her confidence. By the end of the season, she was sad it was over!”

- The Smiths

“Before GVST, my daughter was not interested in swim as she had past instructors that yelled at the kids and didn't make it fun. After joining the team 5 years ago, she has not stopped swimming. As a parent, I love that everyone pulls together to make each event and swim meet efficient and enjoyable. Not only has my daughter made great friends on the team, but I have developed great friendships with other parents as well.”

- The Springers

“The team helped me grow as a leader in several ways. My communication skills improved drastically because I had to interact with peers, adults, and young padawan swimmers. I love coming to work everyday. It has enabled me to teach and interact with kids, and share my passion for swimming with them. Seeing them grow in team spirit gives me great joy.”

- Austin Gergens, GVST Alumni & Coach

“GVST is great swimming, great coaches, and great friends! The swim team has helped all of my children become better swimmers. As a family, we look forward to swim season each year.”

- The Brooks

“Our experience with the GVST started in 2005. We were new to the community and my wife and I thought it sounded like a good way to teach our kids about water safety. But GVST isn’t just about swim- this team is made up of families with the same goals for their children and we began to make life-long friends. 14 seasons later, my oldest returned to teach swim for a couple years and my little ones are now in the oldest age groups.”

- The Woloshuns

“We joined GVST in 2014 and love being involved in such a great organization. Being on GVST is more than just a sports activity. It has helped us to build stronger connections with others within our neighborhood and community.”

- The Diecidues

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