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Team Handbook


Green Valley Swim Team is a competitive, summer recreational swim program. The team emphasizes proper swimming techniques through stroke improvements, building endurance, and time improvements. This provides the opportunity for all participants to become well-rounded swimmers. The team also provides growth through developing team spirit, good sportsmanship, goal setting, and social activities.

Parent expectations

1. Parents will read, understand and adhere to all requirements within this document, including Swimmer Rules and Parent Rules.

2. Parents are expected to provide proper encouragement, positive reinforcement, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and show respect towards swimmers, coaches and volunteers.

3. Green Valley Swim Team is a parent volunteer program and we EXPECT participation from every parent.

4. At registration, each family is required to sign up for five volunteer jobs. Working your jobs is MANDATORY. If desired, a buyout fee of $500 may be paid in lieu of job participation. That fee does not include buyout from Relays or Finals.

5. Families with swimmers participating in Relays and/or Finals should be prepared to work a job in preparation for, during, or after Relays and Finals as well.

6. Parents are to notify the GVST President if they have a serious concern or request. The President will then discuss it with the coaching staff. Please do not interrupt the coaches during practice time. To contact the team president, you can send an email to [email protected] or call (213) 458-5084.

Parents Rules @ Meets

1. Parents are responsible for confirming their swimmer’s availability for meets on Swimtopia by the Wednesday evening before the meet. In the case of sudden illness or emergency, please call the hotline (213) 458-5084 prior to the start of the meet.

2. Please be on time for check-in. Swimmer check-in begins at 7:30. Swimmer warm-ups begin around 8:00. All swimmers should be checked in and ready in time for warm-up.

3. All volunteers must check in with the meet managers in the check-in tent. Please refer to the job description, in SwimTopia for check in times. If you are unable to fulfill your assigned job, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your shift is covered or you will be asked to pay the job buyout fees for missed work to continue to participate on the team.

3. It is the responsibility of parents of 5-6 and 7-8 year olds to assist their swimmer to the line-up area when they hear the signal. If a child is not lined up, they may miss their event and/or if they are participating in a relay, disqualify their team.


5. There is limited seating on the pool deck during our home meets. Umbrellas, tents, and cabanas are prohibited on the pool deck.

6. Recording video or taking photos from behind the blocks, including outside of the fence behind the blocks, is prohibited.

Parent Rules @ Practice

1. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice. Please remain in the Greenbelt.

2. All swimmers must be picked up immediately after practice. No unsupervised children will be allowed to remain on the pool deck.

3. If your child is disruptive during a practice or meet, he/she may be asked to leave the pool and sent home. If a child continues to be disruptive or act in an unsafe manner, that child may be asked to leave the team.

4. If you have an issue that requires discussion with a coach, it is expected that the conversation will take place before or after practice, that the conversation will be quiet and courteous and it will be conducted in an appropriate location, i.e., the team office.

Parking and Drop Off

1. A portion of the street in front of the swim team pool clubhouse will be blocked off during practice hours and made into a “Drop Off Zone”.

2. The “Drop Off Zone” is not to be used for loading items or for waiting for your swimmers. If you need to wait or load items, please find a parking spot.

3. Don’t stop in the middle of the street to load or unload your kids.

4. The pool parking spot is off limits during practice or meets.

5. Please don’t make a three point turn in front of the pool or in the neighbors' driveways.

6. Don’t park straight in at the end of a cul-de-sac, it’s illegal (you’ll get ticketed!)

7. Do not cross the double line and enter the drop off zone from the wrong side of the road. This is also illegal.

Swimmer Expectations

1. Swimmers will adhere to all rules as outlined in the Swimmers Rules section of this document.

2. Swimmers must check in at EVERY MEET. At meets, all swimmers must go to the swimmer check-in area located at the green canopy for lane line-ups (next to meet manager). Volunteers will check off each swimmer on the list and put their name on their arm. Check-in begins at 7:30 A.M.

3. Swimmers are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship.

4. Swimmers must participate in at least 4 dual or tri meets in order to receive an award or participate in league events. (Refer to Conference Rules).

5. Swimmers must be respectful of coaches, parents, officials and other swimmers.

6. Swimmers should work out on a regular basis with the Green Valley Swim team.

7. Swimmers are not allowed behind the blocks unless lined up for their event.

8. Swimmers ages 9 and up must line themselves up in advance of their heat. Coaches are unable to search for missing swimmers.

Swimmer Rules

Adults, please review these expectations with your swimmer(s).

The Green Valley Swim Team promotes an atmosphere where all swimmers have the opportunity to learn and enjoy participating in a team sport. Swimmers behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner, including threatening or harassing other swimmers, may be warned or asked to leave the team.

Swimmers will…

1. Listen and adhere to the coach’s instructions.

2. No swimmer should, through their actions, create an atmosphere that prevents other swimmers from enjoying and benefiting from the team experience.

3. Treat team equipment with respect, including kickboards, buoys, flags, and lane lines.

4. Show up to practice on time and sit on the wall until instructed to enter the pool.

5. All swimmers must wear shoes and a shirt to swim practice every day. Swimmers should also bring a jacket/warm clothes. Even summer mornings are sometimes cold!

During meets, swimmers will…

1. Be on time for check-in and warm ups.

2. Help pick up trash you may have dropped or you may see.

3. Be alert for your race times.

4. Listen to your parents, coaches and race officials.

5. Have Fun!

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