GVST 2022 - Registration Dates, Fees and Practice Times

    Hello Families,

    GVST is pleased to announce that we will host a 16 week swim season, from March 28th, through July 24th.

    We will have a five day practice schedule with swimmers placed in sessions by age.

    The league is returning to a traditional, all day swim meet schedule and we hope to have our usual 225+ swimmers on the team. Learn to Swim is also back, with coaches helping little swimmers in the pool.

    Registration Dates

    Registration will take place completely online and will be opened on gvdolphins.org on the following dates and times:

    February 18th, 5:00pm: Green Valley Residents and Returning Swimmers Only

    March 4th, 7:00pm: Non-Resident New Swimmers

    For new families with questions, we will have volunteers available in person on March 4th from 7-9pm at the Family Clubhouse.

    GVST depends on the help of each family. As such, we’re requiring 6 volunteer jobs per swim family for the 2022 season. Job sign ups will take place completely via the website, so make sure to sign up for the jobs you want when registering.

    For families that are unable to volunteer, the buyout this season is $500.

    Registration Fees

    First Swimmer: $325*

    Second Swimmer: $275*

    Third Swimmer: $225*

    Fourth Swimmer: $175*

    Swimmers 15 and up: $25

    *Green Valley Residents receive an additional discount of $50 per swimmer

    Practice Times

    School Schedule (March 28 – June 24)*

    Session #StartEnd
    13:153:455-6 year olds
    23:504:307-8 year olds
    34:355:159-10 year olds
    45:206:0011-12 year olds
    56:057:0013-18 year olds

    Summer Schedule (June 27 – July 22)*

    Session #StartEnd
    18:008:305-6 year olds
    28:359:157-8 year olds
    39:2010:009-10 year olds
    410:0510:4511-12 year olds
    510:5011:4513-18 year olds

    *swimmers may be moved to different groups based on ability level, coaches’ discretion and/or number of registered swimmers

    Note: Summer Schedule will have an evening swim session (M-F, 6-7pm) for swimmers unable to practice during the morning. Evening spots are subject to approval by Coach Adam.

    Thank you,

    Scott Rogers

    GVST Chair

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